Learn how the Sociocratic Circle Method (SCM) works in your professional life as facilitator, trainer and consultant.

SCM can be applied through guidance of certified sociocracy experts. We offer education and trainings SCM on the highest level. If you are interested to become a certified sociocracy expert, please check out an office near you to see the schedule or contact our global office.


Get certified as a sociocracy Expert and benefit from the global network of TSG organisations

1. Introduction

The Sociocracy Group (TSG) is glad you are interested in certification as a sociocratic expert.

The Sociocracy Group (TSG), grants all certifications in Sociocracy.

Local TSG organisations, recognised by global TSG offer education services to help candidates qualify as a Sociocratic expert. Candidates are obliged to take training by
recognized local TSG organisations. Local TSG organisations are part of global TSG.

The aim of the certification is to create corps of sociocratic experts who have demonstrated through their knowledge and behaviour the ability to communicate the purpose and the methods in an accurate, thorough and reliable way. The outcome of the certification process is a quality-guarantee for clients of the sociocratic experts that the sociocratic method is being conveyed in an authorized way.

Certification is a milestone in a lifelong learning process. Certified experts are licensed, through their local TSG organisation, to represent themselves and their work as connected with and certified by TSG. Together with the other members of that sociocratic organisation, and in connection with TSG, they are responsible for the quality of the application of the Sociocratic Circle-organization Method (SCM).

The Sociocracy Group certifies professionals who have integrated the SCM in their practice in accordance with standards SCN 2000, which specify certification for consultants, trainers, and facilitators, respectively.

  • Consultants are qualified to support the implementation of SCM in an organisation.
  • Trainers have the skills to teach the sociocratic method within a circle.
  • Facilitators are able to lead sociocratic circle meetings in such a way that each circle member is enabled to take part in the decision making as a unique individual, on the basis of equivalency.

By special arrangement with the General Circle of The Sociocracy Group, it is possible to certify sociocratic experts in other professions by extrapolation from SCN 2000.

Certification is the only way to get a license from The Sociocracy Group, and that license is only valid so long as you are a member in good standing with your local TSG organisation.

Application for certification is only possible with consent of that local TSG organisation.

Certification Services of The Sociocracy Group serves as an independent certification institute.

2. Initial certification process

The initial certification process is intensive and satisfying, because it stimulates personal and professional development.

2.1. Contact a local TSG organisation about your interest in certification

On the website you can find a list of recognised TSG organisations and how to contact them. Recognised local TSG organisations use the logo of The Sociocracy Group. Contact them to get information about certification.
They can offer you the required sociocratic context (i.e., a chance to participate in a circle-organisation) and the recognized training and coaching needed for certification.

2.2. Discuss your interests, needs, and qualifications

Talk with your local TSG organisation about the conditions for certification and your readiness to apply for certification.

You must demonstrate that you know and are able to articulate fundamental concepts of Sociocracy, described in:

  • Norm SCN 500:The Sociocratic Method: Terms and Definitions;
  • Norm SCN 1001-0: The Sociocratic Method: The production of equivalence in decision making.

This knowledge can be obtained through trainings recognized by The Sociocracy Group.

The specific requirements are described in the norms for sociocratic experts:

SCN 2000: The Sociocratic Method: Qualification of sociocratic experts
These requirements include experience with clients guided by a qualified mentor and your membership in the circle organisation of your local TSG organisation.

2.3. Sign an agreement of intention to be certified

When you decide to apply for certification you sign an agreement indicating your intention to gain certification and the mutual understanding of the certification process. This agreement is forwarded to TSG Certification Services.
Information, concerning you, will be used only for the certification process and not used otherwise without your permission.

2.4. Prepare for certification

When ready, prepare and submit an application for certification to The Sociocracy Group, including the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae (resume), supported by evidence and diplomas. The Certification Services reviews your experience and education to ensure that you meet the requirements of the applicable norm.
  • A digital photograph.
  • Other items as may be required by the SCN 2000 norm such as a list of references.
  • A written report. You are required to submit a written narrative that describes:
    – an overview of your knowledge and experience;
    – the learning from each of those activities; and
    – other matters mentioned in the SCN 2000 norm.
    – A model application is available as a guide for your application.

2.5. Certification review

The Certification Services organizes a meeting with you, representatives of your local TSG organisation and at least one certification expert (auditor) from the Certification Services. The certification review will be organized within four weeks after receipt of the documents.

The interview can be in-person or by electronic technology that enables all of the participants to see each other. The certification interview assesses whether you:

  • meet the requirements of the relevant standard regarding sociocratic knowledge and experience;
  • are willing to abide by the Code for Certified Experts;
  • participate in the circle for certified experts of the local TSG organisation to develop skills, knowledge and competencies (membership of the professional sociocratic organisation).

The certification interview has the structure of a sociocratic performance review. That means that, in your sociocratic context, you take the lead in showing that you meet the requirements for certification. The other participants add their information, questions and feed- back. Conclusions are decided by consent and recorded.

The certification interview lasts about 1 1/2 hours, depending in part on the type of certification sought.

The auditor prepares the record of the certification review and presents it to the certification panel of The Sociocracy Group.

2.6. The Sociocracy Group decides

The Global Certification panel, consisting of the auditor, who has participated in the interview and at least one independent sociocratic expert of The Sociocracy Group who did not participate in the interview, decides whether to grant certification.
The Global Circle records your certificate in the register of certificates published on the website of The Sociocracy Group.

2.7. Membership

The local TSG organisation makes agreements with the candidate about membership of the local TSG organisation.

2.8. Distribution and celebration

The sociocratic organisation distributes the certificate, introduces the new member in the circle for certified experts and organizes the celebration.

2.9. Publication

The certificate and c.v. is published on the website of the local TSG organisation.
The certificate is valid for three years. After this period the certificate must be renewed.

After three years, the certificate must be renewed.

The re-certification application typically should contain, in summary, a description of:

  • the organizations you served in the previous three years and kind of activities;
  • how you have maintained and developed your competence;
  • Insights gained through professional and personal development.

For more detail, refer to the Model Recertification Application.