TSG INSIDERS – Autumn 2020

From our CEO

Covid or no Covid, TSG is still going on
The conference has demonstrated that we all are still going on. We all are looking for new ways to reach our clients, set up online trainings, services and circle meetings and most of all to get happy clients.

Annewiek Reijmer

A TSG Top Circle Member

Interview of a TSG Top Cercle member

My name is Sjoerd Romme. I’m currently a professor at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. I’ve been an external member of the TSG top circle since 2014.

Sjoerd Romme

From Gerard Endenburg

Permanent sociocratic development

This article describes the first part of the general design rules. Next articles will describe more design rules. These rules are used to analyze existing education institutes, companies and societies and the process for development and change.

Gerard Endenburg