The Sociocracy Group

Management & governance that works for everyone

We are a global sociocratic organisation with certified consultants, trainers and facilitators offering services to a wide array of clients around the world. We envision a world where people can live together as unequal and equivalent individuals, organisations and societies.

Since the 1970s our sociocratic experts have created, and now maintain and develop a body of good practice of sociocratic governance, organising and engineering.

As summarized in our Vision, Mission, and Aim statement, we want to spread the Sociocratic Circle organization Method (SCM), because by using the sociocratic design and construction rules we stimulate good governance and the development of the Me (individual), the We, (organisations and communities, including Me) and The (environment, processes, including We).

TSG uses a sociocratic business model. The business owns itself and the participants are entrepreneurs with both a common enterprise and their own enterprise linked together under a cooperation agreement. Together they are responsible for the development of the body of knowledge and good practice of SCM. As entrepreneurs in their own businesses they use SCM in their field of practice.

For more information about us contact Annewiek Reijmer,, +31 (0)6-22 24 60 89.