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Education & Certification

Learn how the Sociocratic Circle Method (SCM) works in your professional life as facilitator, trainer  and consultant. We offer education on the highest level.

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We design meetings and events of all sizes with you or your staff, and we can either coach your team to deliver the event design effectively or we can provide highly experienced and personable facilitators to lead the process on your behalf.

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Using our unique and proven system for organizational transformation, we can take your organization from the first pilot through the full adoption, through times of crisis and times of plenty, to become a fully sociocratic organization.

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We stimulate the development of your organisation, by supporting you to implement and maintain the greatest way of management and governance you have ever experienced. Read more about our Services…


Management & governance that works better for everyone

  • Global leaders for 50 years

    Since the 1970s we have created, and now maintain, curate, and share, the first experimentally-validated body of practices for participatory management and governance. Sociocracy uses practices from a wide range of traditions, within a cybernetic systems engineering framework. Sociocracy evolves every year, based on the ongoing research by organizations that use it (and their Certified Experts) around the world.

  • A proven system that can be applied to any organization

    Sociocracy is an ‘open framework’ of management and governance, with lots of room for customization — like a computer operating system that can be adapted and applied to a wide range of practical situations. Sociocracy is used in manufacturing, software development, and professional services; it is used in primary schools and universities; it is used in elder care homes and cohousing communities. It is a system with a track record of effective use in many different types of organization.

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What other say about us!

We will never give up Sociocracy […] We have better motivated people; [our clients] know that we want to listen to them and that they are not a number or something.

Piet SliekerCEO, Endenburg Electronics, 120 employeesEET website

Worker participation in decision making should be an integral part of the process of an organization for it to be really effective

Monique WöstenCEO, Het Buitenschoolse Net, where 87% of employees measure high on engagement

The care industry has a very high turnover. Ours is pretty much non-existent.

Dee DeLucaCEO, Living Well (elder care)Living Well website

Being able to speak up and raise your concerns — for some people that can be liberating … I’ve grown as an individual, as a dad, as a husband, because of [my experience with Sociocracy in my workplace].

Chike DellimorePatient Recruiter, Charlottesville Medical ResearchCMR website

Where as in games simple rules make for a  complex and innovative play, the sociocratic construction rules produce an innovative and dynamic organization.

Paul StorkBoard member of Fabrique

We love doing things together in our global network!

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