Our vision

We envision a world where people live together collaboratively as unequal yet equivalent individuals, organisations and societies.

Our mission

Our mission is to spread the sociocracy circle-organization method (SCM) worldwide. By introducing sociocratic design and construction rules, we stimulate healthy governance that facilitates ecologically integrated development of individuals (Me), organizations (We), and the environment (It).

Our aim

We offer certified experts who consult on implementing sociocracy, train about the SCM, and facilitate important meetings for a wide array of clients around the world. We offer these services through sociocratic franchises (where participants are both franchisee and franchisor).

Our Business Model

The Sociocracy Group (TSG) is a sociocratically organized foundation, a business that owns itself and recycles its profits to further the implementation of sociocracy. Our sociocratic franchise participants are entrepreneurs who are on the one hand part of a common enterprise (franchisors) and on the other hand have their own businesses linked together under a cooperation agreement (franchisees). As entrepreneurs, participants use the SCM in their own field of practice. All TSG participants are responsible together for the development of the body of knowledge and good practice of SCM.